LG42LE8500-850N, LG42LE8800-8900 SMPS circuit diagram

LG42LE8500-850N 42LE8500/850N-ZA, LG42LE8800-8900 42LE8800/8900-ZA
LGP42010LF, LGP42-10LA, LGP42-10LC Power supply unit circuit diagram
EAY60869402, EAY60869403, EAY60869405 – EAX61124201/13(LG backlight inverter)
On Condition : In a moment of Power_ON Signal activated, the current of 3.5V output should be limited within 40mA(Max) at LCD TV condition for stability.
Do not turn “Power_ON” Signal on at the load condition of 3.5V output, more than 40Ma.
Total regulation for each output circuit includes the results of input voltage variation, load variation, warm-up drift and temperature change.
The following instruments shall be used for measuring ripple noise.
1. Probe having impedance ratio of 1:1.
2. Oscilloscope having frequency characteristic of 100MHz or more.
Ripple and noise are measured at the end of output cable which are added a 0.1uF ceramic capacitor and 47uF electrolytic capacitor. ( connected parallel )
Main inverter circuit
LED driver citcuit
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