How to disassemble LG Flatron 19EN33S LCD monitor – Service adjustments

LG Flatron LED LCD monitor 19EN33S  Adjustments, EDID, Disassembly, Service mode
Video Controller Part.
This part amplifies the level of video signal for the digital conversion and converts from the analog video signal to the digital video signal using a pixel clock.
The pixel clock for each mode is generated by the PLL.
The range of the pixel clock is from 28MHz to 85MHz in 19EN33S case
This part consists of the Scaler, ADC convertor, TMDS receiver and LVDS transmitter.
The Scaler gets the video signal converted analog to digital, interpolates input to 1366 X
768 resolution signal and outputs 8-bit R, G, B signal to transmitter
Power Part.
TThis part consists of one regulator convert power.From 19V to 5V.19V is provided by adapter.
5V is provided for LCD panel .
Also, 5V is converted 3.3V by regulator.Converted Power is provided for IC in the main board.
Boost converter of LED block converters 19V to AUO M185XW01 VF is 34V ,CMI M185BGE-L22 is 24.8V and operates back-light LED strings of module in 19EN33S case.
This part is include video controller part. And this part consists of Flash IC which stores control data and the Micom.
The Micom distinguishes polarity and frequency of the H/V sync are supplied from signal cable.
The controlled data of each modes is stored in.
Place the monitor face down on the cushion or soft cloth.
Remove the stand body and stand base from the product.
Pull the front cover upward.
Then, let the all latches are separated.
Put the front face down.
Disassemble back cover.
Type : TFT Color LCD Module
Active Display Area : 18.5 inch diagonal
Pixel Pitch : 0.3 (H) x 0.3 (V)
Size : 430.3(H) x 254.6(V) x 10.5 (D)
Color Depth : 16.7M colors(6-bit with A-FRC)
Electrical Interface : 1ch-LVDS
Surface Treatment : Anti-Glare, Hard Coating(3H)
Operating Mode : Normally White
Backlight Unit : White LED
Power Adaptor(Built-in Power)
Input : AC 100-240 V~, 50/60 Hz, 1.0A
Windows EDID V1.0 User Manual
Operating System: MS Windows 98, 2000, XP
Port Setup: Windows 98 => doesn’t need setup
Windows 2000, XP => Need to Port Setup.
This program is available for LCD Monitor only.
1. Port Setup
a) Copy “UserPort.sys” file to “c:\WINNT\system32\drivers” folder
b) Run Userport.exe
c) Remove all default number
d) Add 300-3FF
e) Click Start button.
f) Click Exit button
2. EDID Read & Write
1) Run WinEDID.exe
2) Edit Week of Manufacture, Year of Manufacture,
Serial Number
a) Input User Info Data
b) Click “Update” button
c) Click “ Write” button
Cable connection
1) Turn off the power switch at the right side of the display.
2) Wait for about 5 seconds and press MENU, POWER switch for 1 second interval.
3) The SVC OSD menu contains additional menus that the User OSD menu as described below.
CLEAR ETI : To initialize using time.
c) Auto Color : W/B balance and Automatically sets the gain and offset value.
 b) (press key for over 3 sec)
d) AGING : Select Aging mode(on/off).
 b) Module : To select applied module.
d) NVRAM INIT : EEPROM initialize.(24C16, press key for over 3 sec)
e) R/G/B-9300K : Allows you to set the R/G/B-9300K value manually.
f) R/G/B-6500K : Allows you to set the R/G/B-6500K value manually.
g) R/G/B-Offset : Allows you to set the R/G/B-Offset value manually.(Analog Only)
h) R/G/B-Gain : Allows you to set the R/G/B-Gain value manually.(Analog Only)


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