Sharp LC32XL8 – How to enter service mode, software update, SMPS circuit diagram, Lamp hour reset

Power supply Schematic, Software update, Hotel mode adjustments SharpLC32XL8E/S/RU - Sharp LC37XL8E/S/RU LCD COLOUR TELEVISION
Adjustment method after PWB and/or IC replacement due to repair
The unit is set to the optimum at the time of shipment from the factory. If any value should become improper or any adjustment is necessary due to the part replacement, make an adjustment according to the following procedure.
The following units in order to replace the main unit, IC3301, IC8101, IC3501, IC3502, IC8301, IC8302, IC8303, or IC8304.
Main unit-DUNTKE237FM03
NOTE:[Caution when replacing ICs in the main unit (IC1501/IC1502/IC1503/IC1505/IC2002)]
The above ICs are EEPROMs storing the EDID data of HDMI and the monitor microcomputer. Before replacing the relevant part, procure the following parts in which the data have been rewritten.
IC2002 RH-IXB986WJNFQ Monitor microcomputer
After replacing the LCD panel or LCD control PWB, adjust the VCOM in the following procedure.
1 Enter the process adjustment mode.
2 Use the cursor keys Up/Dn and P Up/Dn of R/C to select the item [VCOM ADJ] on the page 10/14.
3 Press the OK key to verify that the adjustment pattern is displayed.
4 Use the +/- keys of VOL of R/C to adjust the flicker in the center of the screen to minimum.
5 When the optimal state is achieved in Step 4, press the OK key to turn the pattern to OFF.
Entering and exiting the adjustment process mode
1. Unplug the AC power cord of running TV set to force off the power.
2. While holding down the “VOL (-)” and “INPUT” keys on the set at once, plug in the AC power cord to turn on the power  [Service mode]
The letter “K” appears on the screen.
3. Next, hold down the “VOL (-)” and “P (+/- )” keys on the set at once.
Multiple lines of blue characters appearing on the screen indicate that the set is now in the adjustment Process mode. If you fail to enter the adjustment process mode (the display is the same as normal startup), retry the procedure.
4. To exit the adjustment process mode after the adjustment is done, unplug the AC power cord to force off the power. (When the power is turned off with the remote controller, once unplug the AC power cord and plug it in again. In this case, wait 10 seconds or so before plugging.)
[Be very careful in handling the information described here lest the users should know how to enter the adjustment process mode. If the settings are tampered with in this mode, unrecoverable system damage may result]
Remote controller key operation and description of display in adjustment process mode.
(Input mode is switched automatically when relevant adjustment is started so far as the necessary input signal is available.)
Description of display
Lamp error detection
This LCD color TV set incorporates a lamp error detection feature that automatically turns off the power for safety under abnormal lamp or lamp circuit conditions. If by any chance anything is wrong with the lamp or lamp circuit or if the lamp error detection feature is activated for some reason, the following will result.
1) The power is interrupted in about 6 seconds after it is turned on.
(The power LED on the front of the TV set turns red from green and keeps blinking in red: ON for 250 ms and OFF for 1 sec.).
2) If the above phenomenon 1) occurs 5 times consecutively, it becomes impossible to turn on the power. (The power LED remained red).
1) Checking with lamp error detection OFF
Enter the adjustment process mode, referring to 2. Entering and exiting the adjustment process mode.
If there is a problem with the lamp or lamp circuit, the lamp will go out. (The power LED is green.)
Then, you can check the operation to see if the lamp and lamp circuit are in trouble.
 Resetting the lamp error count
After the lamp and lamp circuit are found out of trouble, reset the lamp error count. If a lamp error is detected five consecutive times, the power cannot be turned on. Using the cursor ( Up/Dn ) key, move to the cursor to [LAMP ERROR RESET], Line 8 on adjustment process mode service page 2/14. With the cursor (L /R ) keys, select the [LAMP ERROR RESET] value. Finally press the cursor (OK) keys to reset the value to “0”.
SMPS (Power supply) circuit diagram [Click on the schematic to zoom in]
Public Mode (Hotel Mode)
1. Starting the Public Mode
 There are two following ways to display the PUBLIC Mode setting screen.
1) On the process adjustment mode screen (2/14), set the ”HOTEL MODE” Flag to ON.
Turn off the power, and turn it on again, pressing the Channel Up and the Volume Up keys of the main unit at the same time.
2) Enter the Pass Word, and start the unit.
a) Turn on the power, pressing the Input and the Volume Up keys of the main unit at the same time.
b) Display the Pass Word input screen.
Operation procedure
 The initial input position is the digit at the left end.
 For the numeric keys “0”to “9” of R/C, key input is accepted. Input of the other keys is prohibited.
 Change “-” to “*” by inputting the numeric key at the input position, and shift the input position rightward one digit.
 When three digits are completely input, the Pass Word is judged.
c) Check the Pass Word by inputting three digits.
If the Pass Word is “027”, it shifts to the PUBLIC Mode setting screen.
In another case, the screen is erased, and it operates in the ordinary mode.
Exiting the Public Mode screen
 There are two following ways to exit the Public Mode setting screen.
1) Turn off the power.
2) Select “Execution” in the PUBLIC_Mode to execute it.
Activate the restart under the set content. Here, the START input SOURCE setting is excluded since this item is referred to only when the power is turned on.
 Each set value in Public Mode is initialized when resetting to factory settings.
(The setting of the Public Mode in the process mode is also initialized.)
In Addition, industry initialization for initializing items other than each set value in Public Mode is established in the process mode.
 Each setting is valid only when HOTLE MODE is set to ON.
 To reflect each set value, perform AC OFF/ON after determination by executing.
Basic operation in the Public Mode
Volume (+/–) or Cursor (L /R ) Change or execution of the set value.
Channel ( Up/Dn ) or Cursor ( Up/Dn ) Movement to the selected item.
Decision (OK) Execution (Used by the items “Execution” and “RESET”.)
PUBLIC Mode R/C Ordinary operation mode: It enters the PUBLIC Mode.
PUBLIC MODE Flag is set to “ON”.
PUBLIC Mode: It exits the PUBLIC Mode.
PUBLIC MODE Flag does not change.
Any set item in PUBLIC Mode is not initialized.
Operation after “RESET”
Select “RESET” in the PUBLIC Mode, and it operates as follows when it is executed (refer to the basic operation).
 The set contents in the PUBLIC mode are initialized.
 It does not exit the PUBLIC mode.
 If not executed, the reset contents are not reflected.
 If “EXCUTE” is not executed, the content that does RESET is not reflected.
5. Setting items (* Item names and selective items are expressed in English.)
If the power button is pressed in the ordinary mode when set to “FIXED_ALL”, the caution is displayed for 5 seconds.
Upgrading the software
1 Turn off the AC power (Unplug the AC power cord).
2 Insert the upgrading USB flash memory for upgrade into the service slot.
3 While holding down the power button, plug in the AC power cord of the main unit to turn on the power.
4 Upgrade begins automatically.
After the set starts, the upgrade screen like the figure below is displayed.
5 If any of the procedures fails, the following upgrade failure screen shows up. For the failing procedure, the “NG” marking turns red.
NOTE: In such case, try to upgrade the software again. If it still fails, the hardware may be in trouble.
6 Turn off the AC power (Unplug the AC power cord). Take out the upgrading USB flash memory.
7 Now the software has been upgraded.
NOTE: Then get the set started and call the process adjustment screen 1/14 to check the main software version.
1) Do not take out and put in the USB flash memory during formatting.
2) It takes about one minute to the rewriting completion.
Confirm the upgrade status on the screen becomes 100%


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