Schneider TV 18 – how to enter service mode, SMPS and audio output circuit diagram, URC code list

How to enter service mode to Schneider TV18.1, TV18.2, TV18.3, TV18.4, TV18.8 – Power supply, audio output Horizontal and vertical scan and system control chroma schematic, Universal remote control setup code list
To enter service mode, press Info, i<<, Mute, Red Key, and Exit keys consecutively on the remote control, while TV is running.
Red key > one line down
Blue key > one line up
UP key > select the next menu table
DN key > select the previous menu table
OK key > save the changes
Exit key > exit the service mode
NVM reset
Initializes the EEPROM IC with default values.  Set value to ON, save, exit service mode and switch the TV set OFF and ON again.
Prior to initialization it is helpful to write the service mode parameter values into the alignment table.  After initialization all service mode settings have to be checked and readjusted if necessary.
SMPS schematic [Click on the schematics to zoom in]
Horizontal and vertical scan schematic
Audio amplifier schematic
System control and chroma schematic
NVM addr. 0000 data 00
With the Red key of the remote control, individual numbers of the NVM address and the data can be chosen and changed with Left or Right keys.  The complete address is a four digit figure and the corresponding data is a tow digit figure.  To activate a change, the key OK must be pressed and the Tv set must be switched OFF and ON again.
[the changing of unknown addresses can cause serious errors]
Original Remote control model – RC901
URC Set-up code list for Schneider TVs
0008 0040 0049 0050 0065 0069 0079 0101 0104 0107 0110 0112 0123 0145 0152 0156 0160 0166 0168 0182 0195 0213 0214 0225 0233 0234 0239 0243 0379 0414 0417 0456 0457 0460 0469 0611 0649 0654 0810


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